Snowglide Repair Service

We know that once you use a can't live without it!

We can normally service your machine in 1 to 2 days upon receipt for quick turn around (please do not ship with “signature required). For machine service please fill out this form and return it to Verdonk Racing with your Snowglide machine. Should your maintenance technician encounter any questions during the repair process you will be contacted as needed.


Steps to Service
1. Fill out this form – this service form helps us make sure we address the issue you are experiencing
2. Return address
3. Let us know the shipping speed you would like the machine returned
4. Day time phone to contact you if we need any additional explanation for your machine
5. Box up Machine – If you are having power issues, please send you power source as well
6. Ship to everything and your service form to:

Snowglide Service Center
Tim Witman
101 Allmond Ave
Wilmington, DE 19803
tel. 603-568-5040

Please note: Do not send the shipment with “signature required”. We have a secure shipping receiving location, but often are not present when shipping vendors deliver. If signature is required it can add several days to your repair turnaround.

Send us a quick email at to let us know it’s on the way. This will make sure we keep an eye out for it and turn it around in the quickest way possible.

Typical costs for service are dependent on the condition of the machine and parts needed. Below is a guide to the costs involved. Each service may vary dependent on condition and replacement parts needed. We will send you an invoice after we have completed your service. We will call if we have any major or unforeseen issues.

Snowglide Services
$150 complete service – full cleaning, angle calibration. Machine is fully disassembled cleaned and all plates recalibrated.
$100 Dial Replacement – replace broken or damaged angle dial indicator and recalibrate.
$200 Motor Replacement – replace motor and recalibrate.
$100 Switch Replacement – replace broken switch.

Canadian Service Shipment help:
Use these instructions for help filling out a international shipping label customs information. We highly recommend using FedEx, unlike the Postal Service they act as a custom broker and if there is any issue see the package through customs. Our experience is it will get through customs faster and their customer service helps resolve issue within a day if there are any issues with the paperwork. Regardless of the shipping vendor you use make sure the customs declaration is set for the value of a service or repair, usually about $50, do not put the value of the machine. The custom value relates to the service not the cost of the machine.


When using your Snowglide machine it is best to make cleaning your machine and power supply part of your work process to ensure all moving parts reach their maximum life span. You can see our recommended cleaning tips in our video library.