Verdonk Racing Products has been in business since 2007. We are a small company that has a passion for innovation focused on making quality ski racing tuning products. Snowglide pioneered the industry's 1st handheld ski edge tuning machine, it has been and remains the benchmark for tuning in ski racing. Our vision has been developed and built from over 30 years of actual in the field industry experience. Our products are developed and validated with the top World Cup technicians and racers. Our past and continued work within the ski racing industry allows us to work with the best athletes, technicians and coaches in the world, together we win races and dreams.

Introducing the new Af-WC


The Af-WC is Snowglide's newest technology for the top level of ski racing with water jet lubrication. New design is packed with new functions and features, including a water lubrication system when connected to Karcher vacuum.

AF-WC Water Jet is the "over-the-top" ridiculous model, if you absolutely HAVE to have every feature possible...this is the machine!

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The Af-WC is Snowglide's newest technology for the top level of ski racing dry version. New design is packed with new functions and features. Quickly becoming the go-to machine for World Cup Technicians.

AF-WC Dry is the core choice for our WC technicians. Ideal for the tuning fanatic who wants the option to address the finest attention to detail.

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The Snowglide Af-C is our most popular model for F.I.S. level racing. Durable, precise and easy to use. It has 9 adjustable fixed degree settings, adjustable in 1/2 degree increments. Uses the same Snowglide philosophy and stones as our WC models. Simple maintenance-free ease of use.

Most popular choice for competitive FIS racing at all levels.

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Snowglide - So easy to use, you can tune like a World Cup Pro

ANYONE can now tune like the Pros, Snowglide takes the mystery of the out of top-level tuning previously reserved for only the most experienced. Snowglide benefits are its ease of use and mistake free tuning. So easy to use anyone can operate and obtain professional level tuning and spend less time in the tuning room. Snowglide tuning machines are chosen by the technicians of the best racers in the world because of the precise, clean and sharp tune. The most winning edge tuning machine on the World Cup will save you time, give you consistent professional tunes and most of all it’s easy and simple to use for all levels. Validated by the World Cup and FIS circuits, Technicians of these top racers rely on Snowglide to get the tuning done right: Henrik Kristoffersen, Frederica Brignone, Mikalea Shiffrin, Noel Clement, Tommy Ford and Paul Moltzan and former wc racer Ted Ligety,

Just to name a few…there are many, many more that trust only Snowglide to win races and reach their goals!


Verdonk Racing is prepared to service and support your machine.

Verdonk Racing is prepared to service and support your machine, and offers full maintenance and refurbishing services to ensure your machine continues to operate like new.  Learn more about service here.